Remote intervention modalities may prove effective for those: 
• wishing to initiate or are engaged in self-directed endeavours to make vibrational shifts. 
• wishing to receive energy healing as a modality to redress a variety of conditions and/or states of being.
• seeking to positively and deeply transform their life trajectories.
• actively seeking personal/spiritual growth and advancement or to activate/enhance their own internal resources and healing capabilities.
      While remote intervention modalities are typically undertaken at the request and for the benefit of the recipient, in exceptional cases they may be requested on behalf of another recipient. Such holistic interventions comprising of intuitive energy transference, channeling and/or other methodologies, may be structured over approximately three to six months, and may, where appropriate, be based on or adapted according to astrological transit indicators to the recipient's birth chart.
       The holistic services provided do not constitute a replacement for conventional medical treatment/therapy (allopathic/other), nor is the Practitioner a substitute for medical or health care professionals or practitioners, counsellors or therapists. 
      As such, although the recipient may indeed derive spiritual insights, instructional teachings, receive healing and/or other benefits with respect to their personal state of being and health, the Practitioner makes no claim, representations or warranties as to the specific outcomes of any intervention, information, guidance, and suggestions offered.

Client Informed Consent
By requesting any energywork service the client implicitly accepts the terms and agrees to the following:
• Confirms having read and understood all of the foregoing, and have had the opportunity to ask questions and is satisfied with the responses thereto.
• Provides informed consent to receiving holistic modalities/services from the Practitioner as discussed and agreed with the latter.
• Undertakes to fulfill any previously discussed client responsibilities.
• Understands and accepts the risks if any, associated with receiving said modalities/services and consequently releases and holds harmless the Practitioner from all liability related thereto. 
• Understands that where client requests early termination of the intervention modality/holistic services for no cause, client will be liable for full payment (no refund).

Nauzer Fraser provides holistic services aimed at facilitating and enabling self-awareness, empowerment and healing. Nauzer makes neither a claim nor any kind of representation with respect to being a licensed/registered health care practitioner or therapist and offers no guarantees of desired outcomes and/or any specific results from his services. Nauzer reserves the right to terminate service at any time where circumstances so warrant, including in response to undesired effects, unforeseen complexities, etc.

• To request more info about what a remote intervention modality entails in your case, email If your birth information is not already in our files, please also include the date, time and place of birth. We will review the details and ascertain if or not you qualify for this service and will get back to you.
By sending in your request you indicate that you have read and agree to the above mentioned "Client Informed Consent"