vibrational shifting is a process of changing one’s reality by exploring the present and changing the experience to make it more suited to one's needs and in tune with the vibration one prefers

Stepping off the merry-go-round
Vibrational shifting needs to take place at the deepest spiritual level. This calls for profound introspection in order to be able to identify and break down the negativity generating structures, patterns and behaviours and essentially create a total paradigm shift for oneself. It entails fundamentally adjusting one’s perceptions so as to take on a ‘panoramic’, wholistic perspective of one’s physical experience of life, then accordingly reconciling values and priorities to one’s new existential reality. It means stepping off the merry-go-round of constantly seeking instant gratification and learning to enter the stillness of internal coherence and vibrational attunement which is consistent with the sense of enduring self-fulfillment. Over time your vibrational state of being and your immediate environment will mirror each other and move into a ‘vibratory state’ of equilibrium.
If your persisting vibratory state is one of being professionally unfulfilled or frustrated, then it is highly probable that you are steeped in a field of energetic signals that also share similar vibratory frequencies as dissatisfaction and frustration. This will include your living space, the people within your network, professional environment or workplace, your social life, event calendar, and so on.
Should you continue to remain awash with such environmental signals, they will serve to further reinforce your existing state thereby inducing you to continue vibrating at the same level, so that the current state persists indefinitely until the cycle is broken. Anything short of a conscious and concerted attempt to permanently shift your vibration will only yield short term results, allowing you to move away from it temporarily.

Making an ‘Irreversible’ Shift
In order to effectively make a permanent shift, the existing vibratory state will need to be broken down so that your current vibration can be definitively disconnected from the environmental vibrations and signals with which it is harmonised. At the same time, your vibrational wave pattern needs to undergo lasting alteration by either consciously altering the personal signal you are broadcasting, or by drastically modifying the environmental sea of signals in which you are immersed.
This may be accomplished by shifting your vibration for long enough so as to allow the decoupling from your current environment to take hold and endure. As you begin vibrating at the new frequency and transmitting your new signal, you will find that it progressively repels anything and anyone that is not compatible with the new signal, essentially keeping them out of your environment. By the same token, you will concurrently also start attracting new people, conditions, experiences, and events that are in harmony with the new signal. Assuming you are able to sustain the new vibration so that it defines your new equilibrium or vibratory state, you will likely experience incredible change all around you to the extent of perceiving an entirely different physical reality. How rapidly your present reality will shift will be determined by how steadfast you are in sustaining the new vibration.
One effective approach to creating a lasting shift is to intentionally replace your current environmental signals with new signals that are consistent with those of the desired vibratory state, and then immerse yourself within the new vibrational environment. Initially, given that your existing baseline vibration will be out of synch with the new signals, this may feel somewhat discomforting until such time as your own vibration can get entrained and harmonised with them.
To be most effective this approach should be applied by making significant and meaningful changes in your overall environmental landscape, including physical, relational-social, professional and other aspects.