The principles of astrological science do not teach that one’s destiny is ruled or determined by the stars. The cosmos and celestial bodies are understood to be more like a “hieroglyph” in that they indicate a record and thereby merely reflect a certain probabilistic destiny mapped on the basis of an individual’s karmic footprint as observed at the current period, which is by no means cast in stone, or in this case, cast in the stars! Indeed on occasion various fated possibilities could be indicated contingent upon certain events/conditions occurring.
The Karma philosophy further teaches that one may bring about a change – thus evading the inevitability of destiny by exercising free will, from the moment one decides to and actually acts to make a conscious shift away from all that which is responsible for the various negative effects experienced in one’s life.


Nauzer is a practitioner of sidereal astrology. His deep intuitive abilities help him to zone in accurately and deliver clear and insightful delineations. If you would like to send in your birth information, you could email the details to include the time, place, and date of birth to info@nauzer.com


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Disclaimer: Any delineation of a birth horoscope is nothing more than an opinion / interpretation and therefore is not a perfect answer to life's shortcomings. The advice offered through a consultation is not a substitute for consultations with trained and certified professionals, like financial consultants & medical practitioners.