Cell biologist - geneticist Dr. Bruce Lipton’s ground-breaking research has shown that conventional medicine has been operating on invalid scientific knowledge based on the mistaken belief that genes cannot be changed and therefore have the power to control our biology, our health and lives, essentially promoting the misperceptions designed to make us victims of genetics.

Through experiments involving genetically identical cells being exposed to different environments, Dr. Lipton demonstrated that while culturing one set of cells under certain environmental conditions caused the cell to express itself as a muscle cell, a genetically identical cell subjected to different environmental conditions resulted in the expression of a bone cell.
Similarly, placing a culture of cells in an adverse environment causes the cells to get sick and die, but when the same cell culture is transferred to a healthy environment, the cells immediately begin to recover and proliferate. These prove that cells are programmable in response to the information they read from the environment.
Contrary to conventional thinking, it was further demonstrated that the cell membrane rather than the DNA nucleus serves as the cell’s centre of intelligence.
The human cell essentially behaves like a sophisticated programmable (read-write) device, where the cell membrane operating as the information processor much like a computer microprocessor, reads the surrounding environmental data (ie the signals received from our consciousness) and accordingly adjusts the expression of the genes to match the needs of that environment by writing/rewriting the DNA code which determines the cell’s biology. It follows by extension, that the human body with its 50 trillion cells will get sick and start to die when subjected to an adverse environment, but has the capacity to regain health and flourish when placed in a healthy environment. This implies that our state of health is a reflection of the environment that we either choose to be immersed in or that we perceive. Therefore it is possible to reprogramme our DNA, our personal blueprint, by redesigning mental models, adjusting our emotions and accessing higher states of consciousness, in order to achieve our desired objectives.